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The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has shown keen interest in increasing private sector participation in the development of infrastructure facilities in the State. In the past decade, it has built a proven track record in Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode of development in Infrastructure projects in various sectors.

The recognition of the need to rope in private sector as development partners led the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to create the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. (INCAP) on 31st May, 2005, as a part of the Department of Infrastructure and Investment. INCAP was envisaged to expressly increase the pace of infrastructure development by assisting the setting up and development of Public Private Partnership Projects in the State. It is designated to don the multiple roles of a Developer, Advisory, Financier and Manager as needed and to render a full range of services in every phase of project development, from their inception to the completion.

Andhra Pradesh Infrastructure Development Enabling Act, 2001 enables the creation of Special Purpose Vehicles that will provide much needed impetus to infrastructure investment in the State and accelerate the rate at which such infrastructure is put in place. INCAP aims to enable socio-economic progress and all round development of the State through development of Infrastructure under PPP route.




The activities of the Corporation include development, facilitate, advisory services, monitoring, finance and arrange finance for various infrastructure projects. The Corporation runs in a commercial format.

  • Developer of Projects – Identify, Formulate, Design, Build, Finance and Operate either directly or through special purpose companies.
  • Catalyst for development of Projects – Identifying, Structuring and development of projects through Private investment.
  • Construction Contractor – Undertake construction activities of various infrastructure projects directly or through joint-ventures for various central and state government Projects and other projects.
  • Operation and maintenance – Undertake Operation and Maintenance activities of various infrastructure projects directly or through joint-ventures for various central and state government Projects and other Projects.
  • Monitoring of Projects – Undertake consultancy in the areas of project implementation, Project Monitoring for and on behalf of State Government, Central Government and others.
  • Consultancy services – Consultancy services in the areas of formulation of policies, Institutional framework and capacity building activities. Carrying out Pre-feasibility, Preparation of Master plans, Feasibility, Preparation of Detailed Project Report etc., for itself and others in various sectors of infrastructure.


INCAP proposes to cover infrastructure sectors including but not limited to the following:

  • Roads – Toll roads, National Highways & Bridges
  • Other Highway projects including housing or other activities being an integral part of the Highway project
  • Ports, Inland Waterways, Inland Port
  • Transport Terminus and Depots
  • Energy – Storage Transmission and Distribution of GasTransmission and Distribution of Gas
  • Power – Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Airports including but not limited to Logistic hubs and Free Trade zones
  • Railways – Railway systems including Urban Transit projects
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Water – Water Supply projects and Water Treatment systems
  • Any other Special Project which has high impact on the socio economic drivers of the state
  • Any project which may be assigned by the State Government to the Company


  • PPP being the accepted model for sustainable development, INCAP provides right opportunity in the facilitation of services
  • Focused and niche organization assisting the Government of Andhra Pradesh in Infrastructure development with greater potential for social impact
  • Dedicated efforts to achieve a double digit GDP growth rate
  • Assist the line departments in creating conducive environment for PPP in project structuring.


  • Dedicated organization in the state for the implementation of Public Private Partnership Projects having capabilities regarding:
    • Project Structuring
    • Project Conceptualization and Development
    • Bid Process Management
    • Project Implementation and Monitoring
    • Advisory Services
  • Lean and Efficient Organization focused on timely delivery of projects undertaken
  • Reputed Consultants empaneled with INCAP
  • Service fee – Success fee concept of working with Consultants

INCAP – Credible Interface


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